We are the UK’s leading supplier of professional musicians to the cruise industry.

We are always searching for professional musicians of the highest standard who are looking for the opportunity to perform on some of the finest cruise ships in the World. If you are suitable you will have the chance to travel extensively, earn a good salary, meet some amazing people & embark on a new adventure!

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We are the UK’s leading supplier of professional musicians to the cruise industry.

Working exclusively within the cruise sector has given us a unique insight into the type of musicians that cruise companies require, to promote & maintain brand continuity within their entertainment programme.

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"I have worked at sea for over 4 years now and I can safely say Musicianpro is one of the best agents to work for. I am now fully booked up with them and have the security of knowing they are always on call for me at any time of day. Any question or query, they are always there to help!

I love my job, but what makes it so much easier is the support network you receive with Musicianpro. They have so many musicians working on ships, you are bound to run into some and connect with them. They are professional, accommodating, great fun and also provide some of the highest wages in the business! Thank you Musicianpro, you guys are the best!"

-Jo Rochell-

Piano Vocalist - UK

“As relative newcomers to #SHIPLIFE we've been so lucky to have Musicianpro to guide us through this exciting new chapter in our musical career! They are friendly, approachable and always available no matter where in the world we happen to be exploring. Their first-hand knowledge of the cruising world takes them head and shoulders above many other agencies when it comes to professional advice and support, and it really feels like they understand things from a musician's point of view! After working on cruise ships for just over one year, we now consider Musicianpro to be indispensable and having their expertise onboard has allowed us to focus on what we love most - making music!”


Acoustic Duo

“I couldn’t recommend a better agency for cruise jobs! They are all so friendly and professional and most of all, they are always there for you when you need them. When you’re out at sea for the first time it can be a little daunting, however with the support and guidance from Musicianpro I was able to gain great confidence - Thank you for everything guys!”

-Marcello Constantinou-

Guitar Vocalist

“I have been fortunate enough to have been working consistently in several international music circuits for the past 6 years, both on cruise ships and in hotels/clubs. I’ve encountered many agencies in my time, and I can without reservation recommend Musicianpro as one of the very best.

Along with charging lower commission than most of the competition, you’d be crazy to go with anyone else. Keep up the great work guys, I’m looking forward to working with you for years to come!"

-Michael Crawford-

Keyboard Player - New Zealand

“The team at Musicianpro are always at hand to answer any questions or concerns we have regarding our work as performers on ships. We always know that we can call on them whether we are at home or mid contract for any reassurance that we require. We highly recommend working with Musicianpro and would like to thank them for everything they have done to make our contracts run so smoothly!”

-Soph and Simon-

Acoustic Duo - UK

“The team at Musicianpro were an integral part of my first cruise ship contract. They were on hand to help with everything from visas, documents & flight details - to knowing what to expect with the rehearsal process and ship life in general. I have always felt supported by them and recommend them as the go-to agency should any musician consider a career at sea.”

-Karl Lund-

Male Vocalist - UK