As it is now known...#SHIPLIFE is an amazing experience for any professional musician who would like to travel, enjoy financial stability and most importantly create some very special memories along the way, which you will remember for the rest of your life!

Your hours of work & salary will usually be agreed before you arrive on your assigned cruise ship and in some instances, there may be a rehearsal period to complete before you finally arrive onboard your new home. Your flights, accommodation, food and laundry services are usually all included in your contract, therefore the ability to save most of your earnings is a huge advantage!

Most musicians will share a cabin unless you are a band leader or a single entertainer/musician eg. piano vocalist or guitar vocalist, in this instance you will usually have your own cabin. There will be some lifeboat drills and health & safety training to complete once onboard, which are now mandatory with most cruise companies. But please be assured that they are in place to protect all the crew and passengers should an emergency arise.

As a professional musician you have worked hard & practiced for many years to excel at your chosen instrument and working on a cruise ship is certainly one of the best ways to showcase your talent! You will be working alongside like minded professionals performing mostly in the evening, relaxing during the day by topping up your tan, or experiencing the many different ports & amazing locations from all over the world!

We hope this has given you a clearer picture of the new adventure that awaits you and if you still have any questions, these will probably be answered in our FAQ section. If you would like to give #SHIPLIFE a go... simply click APPLY!